recent pics

love the memories…
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2 Responses to recent pics

  1. Coffee With Kate says:

    Hi Jason,
    just popped in to say thanks for all the recent blogs. It appears from what I read here that you enjoyed your country walk……are the pictures above from the occassion?

  2. Sarah says:

    Oh Velly beautiful Jason,I think what I’ve been enjoying most are the ballet Master classes on B.B.C. 4 ….. I know watching the whole ballets ie. Giselle & Swan Lake is super duper but I absoluely love the master classes even more. Maybe it’s because they are more concentrated and shorter pieces @ a time.They also remind me of when I was little…. Marie Rambert…in her 80’s used to come in & demonstrate…. halycon days if it hadn’t of been such hard work…..I don’t think I was committed enough when one watches the girls now @ white Lodge…sayinng they just want to dance the role of Odile/Odette….. you know that’s all they’re living & breathing for ……. I wasn’t as tunnel visioned as that….. or maybe I just knew it wasn’t realistic… I suspect the latter….Take care,Love Sarah XXX

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