snow time

Thought I better take tons of pics before it melted, snowballs and folk telling their kids to build snowmen galore this morning !
Funny to see  east european builders laughing and joking with snowballs, well, suppose it is like home eh 🙂
remember,click on small pic to see large pic
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4 Responses to snow time

  1. Sarah says:

    Hi Jason,Both my sister & I paint in oils…. No she hasn’t got a website yet & we usually exhibit in galleries…. tho neither of us is doing this year.  She’s making her film & I’m just playing.Love sarah

  2. Sarah says:

    O.K. but it won’t be until much later in the yearlove sarah

  3. Kenneth says:

    PHEWWW, feels like its getting warmer.

  4. bad says:

    Hello you,
    I look at your pics and smile as i’m looking out my study window at bright sunshine and blue sky. Wots all that about?! Are we the only ones down here not to get snow 😦

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