groovy saturday times

pics to follow, great weather, had a nice early lunch/breakfast thing with a friend and looked at some art ( always impressed by someone who can spot a paintings artist from 20 feet 🙂  ).
Great talk today by jenny scott at the national gallery.
Games with Geometry: Holbein: ‘The Ambassadors’
Jenny Scott, Room 4
We talked after and I said how I think it is banded with the death of Henry VIII forecast at the bottom, a basic england in the middle and a rich catholic europe on top, built on top of the turkish carpets ( trade ? ) with rome at the centre as it is the centre on the night globe.
She said ‘i think you got it, yes, indeed’ and we talked about banding in paintings.
sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, er um, yes, well, art history, very interesting to discuss ideas
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