ee up , down pit

Went to the mining museum yesterday, had not been before as always saying ‘i spent my life trying not to go down pit’ but it was actually rather good, lots of interesting stuff ( reminded me of those George Orwell novels as set back in the 30s and lots of old pics,old news films on show ) and was interested to know that showers at pit head only came in due to legislation.
Took a bunch of pics but ran out of battery power before outside, we went for a walk on the nature trail as well and had a picnic and played on the kids stuff.  Popped into grans on the way home and she says her husband went down the pit with son in law once, to have a look, went 2 miles on a conveyer belt, had a look around, came back and said ‘if that’s fetching coal, folk can fetch their own !’ lol
I like to think that if I lived in those times I would work upstairs, in an office, and be a member of all the local arts and ‘self improvement’ groups like, eee up, I am just not cut out for that hard coal work me like, more a desk and book person eh
Also had cool times lastnight with alan, his motorhome is groovy and northern women in the pub are also rather groovy tee hee
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