good stuff on 3 yesterday

Rather great beethoven violin concertos and nightwaves had an interesting program about how the Americans see shakespeare.
still,caught some of ‘merchant of venice’ and ‘easy rider’ on sky when pottering around the living room, both great films
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One Response to good stuff on 3 yesterday

  1. Akemi says:

    I’m not sure that black girls run faster because of biological advanages : when you’re black, here, running may prevent you from poverty, delinquency, drug… Me I’m short and half japanese and I beat several black girls : because I’m full of willpower, I wanna get a brilliant degree.
    I can be an athlete without being a famous runner, trained and doped fo Olympics. I run for my own pleasure and satisfaction. Teacher, it’s a way to earn money. Moreover, I could run in local events and make money there, without being from the national team 😉
    Thanks for the word ‘superb’.

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