Colin Wilson
Existentialism Re-examined
Sat 16 June: 2 – 5 at the Mary Ward Centre, 42 Queen Square, London
Colin Wilson shot to prominence with his 1956 book The Outsider. Since then
he has written another 110 or so, on a wide range of subjects. Wilson essentially
argues throughout his whole work that the existentialist focus on defeat or nausea
is only a partial representation of reality and that there is no particular reason
 for accept ing it. In his view normal everyday consciousness buffetted by the
moment is blinkered, and should not be accepted as necessarily showing us the
truth   about reality. This blinkering has some evolutionary advantages in that
it stops us being completely immersed in wonder or in the huge stream of events,
and hence unable to act. However, to live properly we need to access more than
this everyday consciousness.
Admission free, all welcome.
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