this reminded me of leonardo… is COOL

The Beauty of Your Duty

Do you know that you alone can light the universe with a thought?
With the power you wield, there’s nothing whatsoever that you cannot do,
I hear you reply ‘that’s not true’, I can do nothing of the sort,
But sorry my dear, it’s the truth, the only thing that holds you back is you.

You stop yourself because your good and scared of doing bad,
You don’t do half of what you could because you think of the bad you’ve done,
Seeing bad others do you say ‘I’m bad too, but I say you’ve been had!
If you would see you’re as good as can be you’d shine brighter than the sun 🙂

Once you accept that you’re good and make decisions based on the best for all,
Then you’ll see what you can achieve when you work with the Supreme Being,
Working for what you know is best your standing ten feet tall,
Realise the unity of the universe and you and start doing what you should be doing!

And the beauty of it is the ease you can achieve what before you only dreamt of,
And as I and thee, and those next to me, are the creators of infinity,
If we agree to work only for love then suddenly you’ve the wings of a dove,
Set flight my love, to the sky of dreams, for there we shall be forever free!

copyright Fraser Kee Scott 06

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