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4th International Congress of Modern Architects

Friday 27 July 2007 21:45-22:30 (Radio 3)

Frances Stonor Saunders explores meetings of huge significance.


45 minutes


3/3. Fourth International Congress of Modern Architects: Marseilles and Athens 1933

In July 1933, Le Corbusier and 90 other delegates boarded a boat in Marseilles. Architects, engineers, writers and artists from 18 different countries spent the next 15 days discussing ideas for the city of the future.


has been an interesting series, I know some about Corbusier but interesting to hear again about what his buildings replaced ( pretty bad living conditions ) and hear an architect say ‘this is not Corbusier, this is cheap manufactured housing built because of the bombings’ about housing estates in france.  Corbusier’s ideas are interesting, partly because they were only partly implemented while a cake without all the ingredients fails to live up to expectations.


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