learning to canoe/dingy sail

a fwend says… Dragonboat in Henley. 
which does look fabbbbbbbbbbbbbb , must admit, and….
 We have got a sister canoe club and the adults meet on Monday nights at The Eyot Centre, Wargrave Rd, Henley.  However, the adult canoeing side is a bit limited as they are slightly more focused on juniors and fees are about to double from April to £150/year. 
Not too sure what’s around over Wycombe way but some of the best clubs by reputation around include:
  • Wokingham Canoe Centre at Thames Valley Business Park (for canoeing),
  • Wargrave Boat Club (for all types of boats e.g. punts, skiffs),
  • Marlow Rowing Club (rowing),
  • Upper Thames Rowing Club (In Henley- rowing),
  • Henley Rowing Club (rowing – but pos bit pricey?),
  • Reading Rowing Club (rowing),
  • Reading Canoe Club (canoeing),
  • Kingston Royals (for dragonboating and canoeing),
  • Pangbourne Adventure Dolphin (for learning to canoe).
Sailing Clubs:
(have searched under Berkshire but lists for all areas).
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