having a fab time

This is an amazing place, and finding out about Ruskin is also cool, though sometimes he seems to say the same stuff as me but with flowery words though
i do not agree with all his ideas, my journal is coming along well, here is some kind of monologue thing that I may read out at langoustine, as
think the imagery far cooler than that yank guy who was there last langoustine, so there.
excuse spelling etc.
Coniston Peace
Outside an inn, one sits, with half a cider but feels full of coniston peace.
The lake, the duck riding the shore wave for fun, the sun glinting, the coffee and shower
of a new b&b at mid day, the rushing idylic river under the bridge, a warm inn with wood
beams, these are the things a day should fill, not the desk, the pc, the email.
Oh if we had heard ruskin and neglected MISTER Adam Smith, what an England we
could have made, what a land of country idylls.
Can a middle way exist, is it one or the other ?
Is it a nation of the tv drugged workers verses simple pleasures ?
Did we pay too higher a price for a high pile of pins, made in a day ?
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