Journeys in Thought: Wittgenstein

Broadcast on 16th August at 9:30pm
In the spring of 1948, Ludwig Wittgenstein abandoned his post as Chair of Philosophy at Trinity College Cambridge in search of solitude and simplicity. He was determined to finish the Philosophical Investigations – the work which would be his masterpiece and which would dominate the philosophical landscape of the twentieth century. In this series exploring turning points in the lives of great thinkers, Jonathan Ree travels to the west of Ireland in Wittgenstein’s footsteps.
Journeys in Thought: Arendt

Broadcast on 18th August at 9:45pm
In 1961 Hannah Arendt reported on the trial of Adolf Eichmann. The book that resulted, with its notorious reference to the ‘banality of evil’, provoked an outburst of indignation and personal animosity which  has still not died down. Arendt’s critics had little time for her principle that the political must be kept separate from the personal. Jonathan Rée travelled to Jerusalem to look back at that time.
Journeys in Thought: Rousseau

Broadcast on 19th August at 9:45pm
In 1765 Jean-Jacques Rousseau accepted an invitation from the Scottish philosopher David Hume (1711-76) to seek refuge in England. It was in the wild beauty of the Peak District, that he worked on the first half of the Confessions – a revolutionary experiment in autobiography, in which he attempted to tell his readers his most intimate secrets, in the hope of justifying not only his existence but his philosophy as well.
Journeys in Thought: Marx

Broadcast on 20th August  at 9:30pm 
In 1843, a young journalist called Karl Marx arrived in Paris. Already he was becoming notorious throughout Europe as a polemicist and trouble-maker, but his economic and political ideas were still in their infancy. In Paris, Marx met radicalized artisans, and befriended Heinrich Heine and Friedrich Engels. In this programme Jonathan Ree goes to Paris, retracing Marx’s steps.
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