The Sun Also Rises In Dublin

Being back in Dublin is a bit strange, I know where things are and it is sunny, something I did not expect, nice to be back in a more domestic setup than Spartan London, nice to have someone cook me a rather nice dinner and cuddle up with.

Found out about free opera via the local library and, oddly enough, spotted a dvd of a an old black and white film based on ‘the sun also rises’ by Hemingway which is a book that I recently re-read after spotting in a Library in London.  The film is pg rated so wonder how they will deal with some of the adult themes in the book, I must admit, when I read that book years ago those more mature points went over my head, it is only as we get older we recognise things and see them in a different light I suppose.

Going to focus on job search things this afternoon, was nice to spend some time in a local park this morning and to hear classical music, once again, on the radio.  Must remember to reserve that ‘but beautiful’ book about jazz, which is at my local library but out on loan at the moment, was chance to meet the author at the National Gallery talk.

Good job I am not the kind of person who keeps writing things for his blog, or I could, myself, be drifting towards being a kind of writer, eh

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