Weekend Ways

Spent most of the weekend reading, with my girlfriend, who is very bookish, this helps ensure I also pick up books to read, as reading, while she is reading, seems a good option.  I did manage to drag her out to the park, after she dragged me on some shopping errands ( very good, very practical ) on Saturday and then on Sunday we went to Phoenix park, an enormous park that easily makes one feel that you are in the countryside.  It was a good weekend, a mix of DVD from the library, books from the library, nature, music and I baked yummy banana bread.  We even spent some time people watching from window seats in a popular Dublin pub while the ‘traditional’ Irish music turned out to be a guitar player from England playing English favourites, still, both Phoenix Park and St. Stephens green have recently had free Irish music.  Variety is the thing, mixing it up, and now, today, I must run some errands, do some study and some job hunting, though today shall mainly be a study day, as C# is rather sexy, in some ways, and I want to grapple with it more.

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