The nerd within

I picked up a DVD of ‘things to come’ from the library yesterday, as had read about this piece of sci-fi when reading a history of sci-fi years ago, it was a good film, interesting to see they had kind of predicted flat screen TV !!!

Fortunately, though a war did come around 1940, the enemy did not use gas bombs and the war did not last till 1970 with a ‘black death’ style plague thrown in, still, some of the themes in the film are interesting, the need for one world government and to focus mankind on scientific progress instead of fighting each other.

Perhaps HG Wells saw it as the only option, he did work to progress the league of nations and declaration of human rights though he also saw (just, he died in 1946) the use of the Atomic bomb, which shows that technological progress can go hand in hand with warfare, just like today with flying drones launching missiles against guerrilla warfare soldiers in Afghanistan.

I am going to focus on c# study today, oddly enough, it grew out of problems with c++ in that giving people too much flexibility and too powerful tools produced lots of problems, as people forget and try complicate things while the aim in software creation these days is simplification as it reduces errors and hiding complexity as that also produces problems that cannot be foreseen. 

Just like scientific progress I suppose, nobody predicted global warming, nobody realised the built in limits of our planet, our ability to cope with reducing disease, extending life expectancy and the subsequent rise in population.  You fix one problem to produce another I suppose.

Progress is the exchange of one problem for another ?

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