Opera without words


As my girlfriend was out with work lastnight I managed to catch a rather lovely little concert on Lyric Fm  ( recorded in Italy by another radio station, I think ) which comprised of those ‘compositions for other instruments’ pieces, in the past, it was popular to play tunes one may have heard at the opera, at home.  Mainly piano but also some with violin, cello etc.

These are interesting pieces, some with modifications, for example I heard sometime ago some rather interesting piano pieces by Beethoven that he based on the ‘The Magic Flute’ and indeed, lastnight there was an original ‘Carmen Fantasy’ with music from Carmen for 2 pianos and 4 players !

It is good to play with art, mould, shape and see what comes from it.

Today will be a mix of study, job search, tidy and perhaps a visit to the local George Bernard Shaw museum, I have heard his name mentioned here and there so would be interesting and I suspect the museum is less busy on a Friday than at the weekend, shall have to see.

 …… from lyric fm website…


Thursday August 13th
Opera without Singing’ – Martha Argerich Project concert from Lugano
Chabrier: Souvenir de Munich – for piano four hands
Liszt: Reminiscences de Norma – for two pianos
Lucchetti: Fantasy on Verdi’s Rigoletto – for piano and chamber orchestra
Rossini/Schoenberg:’The Barber of Seville’ for piano four hands
Liszt; Reminiscences de Don Juan – for two pianos
Lucchetti: Fantasy on Puccini’s Tosca – for piano and chamber orchestra
Wilberg: Fantasia on Bizet’s Carmen – for two four hands pianos

I heard an advert, on Lyric Fm, yesterday for the concert this evening, which should feature the 9th Symphony of Beethoven, something I hope to hear, as it is such a rather “union of European influences” [sic] piece.







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