getting on with it

going to build some websites with amazon click partner thing to promote some books I like, also put some ‘learning things’ online, i can use that screen recording software someone mentioned on linkedin
The way to learn about building websites is to build websites !
hugh said….
 used Microsoft PowerPoint to create an animated show.

For the screen grabs I used a piece of software called PrintScreen from Gadwin Systems. This is a piece of freeware that is just much better than the standard Windows Print Screen – you can capture sections of screens or whole screens very quickly – one grab after another.

I then used another freeware called iSpring to produce a Flash video from the PowerPoint.

I then used another piece of freeware called Camstudio to convert the Flash into AVI.


I have just realised that with some nimble keyboard fingerwork I can skip the iSpring stage and produce straight from PowerPoint to AVI using Camstudio. I expect this will give me better quality but will need to test.

For the sound, I wrote a script for a voiceover, then deceided against and put on a sountrack. I experimented a bit with different sound tracks suggested by YouTube and selected the one I thought worked the best.

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