spending too much time surfing the web

We have web access at home at the moment as my future wife planning the wedding in England with it, it is rather addictive though, the good thing about mobile broadband pay as you go is that you can actually stop paying and take a break from the web, which is what we usually do.
Have to admit though, found some funny philosophy videos via the philosophy now forum and a few other interesting things, but facebook is a great waste of time system, I will be glad when we no longer have home web access, then I can spend time reading, listening to music etc.
Having written all that, it has been very handy to have web access to listen to radio 3 programs which I have missed, partly from falling asleep as have got into a ‘early to bed, early wake up’ routine.
We enjoyed watching ‘the big sleep’ lastnight, it is a great film, and totally free from the library 🙂
I picked up a whole bunch of jazz cds and an opera dvd when at the music library yesterday.  Always nice to have ‘options’ of ‘things to do’ 🙂
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