why don’t you have a blog ?

Today, someone asked me why I don’t have a blog, so I advised I do, and have emailed her a link to it.


Have to admit, have not updated this much, recently, or when I do, it tends to be abstractly, I tend to focus on different things in life at different times, at the moment it seems mainly work focused, though I still manage to get in some music,thought not much un work related reading.  When I made it to the music library recital on Wednesday I realised how I used to visit that place more often, to pick up cds, and it was nice to get some out again.

I do not even pop to the Thursday writers group at kevin street library anymore, I suppose playing around with computers and going for walks is more me these days, when the weather is ok, anyway.


Here are some places I have been hanging around, or things I am interested in at the moment ( is nice, in the future, to look back, at ones blog )







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