green fingers…ask and ye may get somet

I asked on freeconomy about a local place to work the land ( I figure a bit, in moderation, is good for the soul ) and got some good responses…
Hi, you should come and have a look at the allotments on Island street. Not far from you. We have about 40 raised beds, we keep chickens and honey bees too.
Have you thought about community gardening? There’s south circular road community garden that’s down by Dolphin’s Barn, just a short cycle journey from where you are. And I think there could be one recently opened up near Pearse College.
Alternatively, have you thought about setting up your own? I’ve heard that some parish churches have been advised from higher authority (but not their highest!) to allow people use their land for community gardening. You could strike it lucky with some place near you.
If you’re ever free on a Saturday, I helped set up a community garden out in Dartry; we meet 12-3pm. It’s run by the environment society of Trinity, but you’d be more than welcome to come scope it out. I’d advise trying to find something local, it becomes a real chore if you’ve got a 40min commute to your veg!
Good luck,
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