do you want web work doing ?

I do web work, if you pass me someone who wants web work and it works out, you get £50 as a finders fee to remind you to send the next person along to me as well.

Websites start from £200 upwards.

They are proper sites that can grow with your business, not wordpress sites that are really blogs which can not be optimised for search engines, the cost of google adverts has one up, they are not sustainable long term unless you have a huge margin on your product.

You need google on your side which means spend some money on optimising your site for google, some on google ads, some on social media, some on having a nice business card, a brochure… spread the cash around.

I meet with clients, see what they want and organise getting it down for them, where required I use specialists who I have used before so I know they are good. This allows me time to find clients, keep clients happy and read books to keep up with changes in technology etc.

I keep my clients super happy so they come back and refer work to me, the £50 finders fee is just there to remind people to get my card to the prospect.

Email me at

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